Benefits to being a MASA member

1) There is great benefit to getting involved, by being a member one becomes a contributor
to furthering the goals of MASA and being part of an exclusive community.
2) Members are invited to participate in our shows, exhibitions, expeditions and expos.
MASA on occasion arranges studio workshops, even weekend away workshops, factory
or studio tours and opportunities to learn, opportunities to show our work and grow as
mosaic artists.
3) Part of being a member of MASA is having access to a pool of resources, a wealth of
knowledge, encouragement, supplier discounts and sharing a common interest.

The road of an artist can be very lonely, by being part of a community one can find the
encouragement, advise and a short cut to knowledge that often results in speedy growth. In this day
and age of instant gratification, we often don’t have the patience or time to take the path of
discovery and self- learning, we need other’s experiences to teach us too.
It is far easier to sit on the fence and watch as others create, by participating we learn and become
one of the creators. The benefits to being involved are so rewarding. Each artist has a different style
and there is plenty of space in the sun for everyone. By being part of an association one shows
commitment to self- growth in the art form while growing, a group of like-minded enthusiasts not
forgetting guarding and even healing our mental well being through creativity.

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